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Yes, The Universities are recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine or Ministry of Health of Ukraine or Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation or Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and approved by Medical Council of India.

Yes, The Degrees are valued and recognized globally.

In Ukraine the language used or spoken are Ukrainian, Russian, English, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.

In Russia the language used or spoken are Russian,    English, Azerbaijani, Belarussian, Chechen.

Studies are provided with options to be taught in English, Ukrainian or Russian languages.

No, it is not mandatory, but you should speak English in good command to be able to study well.

Comparatively the cost of living is little higher than our country, the average monthly expenses depends up on your purchase items of necessity etc. moreover, the average monthly expenses for food are about 100$ -150$.


          The climate of the Ukraine can be described as dry and continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around 0°C, but in some cases winter months can be quite colder with temperatures far below zero, about -20°C or lower and strong, cold northeasterly winds, called Bora. Heavy snowfall or even snowstorms are also possible on some days. There are more than 290 sunny days in the year.

Required clothing:
          Light- to medium-weights are worn during the summer months. Medium- to heavyweights are needed during winter. Waterproof clothing is advisable for the Winter, but all year in the Odessa region.


           Climate Of course with an area the size of Russia, it is difficult to give any sort of general advice about the climate and weather except that summers are warm to hot, and winters get very cold in some areas. In general, the climate of Russia can be described as highly continental influenced climate with warm to hot dry summers and (very) cold winters with temperatures of -30°C and lower and sometimes heavy snowfall. sometimes very strong easterly winds, called Buran can occur, bringing freezing cold temperatures and snowstorms. the Western parts of Russia have the most rain (up to 750 mm), the southern and southeastern areas in the Russian Steppes are the Driest with an annual average below 200 mm.

Required clothing:
             Varies due to the region you want to visit. Heavyweight clothing is needed for the winter, no matter where you go. waterproof light- to mediumweight is advised for the summer. Be prepared for extreme conditions in the northern and northeastern parts of Sibiria in the winter; the temperatures there are the lowest in the world, expecting the Antarctic Continent.

NOTE: Room Heating system will be on in winter.

University has its own hostels to provide accommodation to students who come to study here. Few of the hostels are located within the campus and some of them are located close to the campus within the city. Students are allotted hostels based on availability and on a first come first serve basis. The rooms have options of a 2 and a 3-seater accommodation. The hostels are equipped with modern security features, CCTV surveillance, fire safety & round the clock gated security systems. The hostels have facilities of library, reading room and a gym too. All floors have a common washroom, kitchen and toilet. Few of the hostels have these things also attached to rooms but they are a little costlier. Students can also choose to stay in apartments within city during their course of studying at University. 

Yes, you can get Indian food their and Indian canteen is also present in University.

Yes, you can cook by your own and take Indian spice with you.

NOTE: you can buy Rice, Vegetable’s, some spice etc. their also

Most of Ukrainian and Russian cities have a wide network of buses, marshrutkahs (smaller privately owned buses), trams and trolleybuses available. You can buy monthly pass also, some cities in Ukraine and Russia have subway or metro system.

The duration depends on faculty you choose

  1. a) preparatory faculty (Language course) – 1 academic year (7-10 months).

    At the preparatory faculty students study Russian or Ukrainian language and the  

    special disciplines required depending on the future specialty chosen.

        Undergraduate training faculties (UG)

  1. a) General Medicine – 6 academic years
  2. b) Medical Psychology – 6 academic years
  3. c) Pediatrics – 6 academic years
  4. d) Dentistry – 5 academic years
  5. e) Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy – 5 academic years
  6. f) Clinical Pharmacy – 5 academic years

     Post-graduate studies (PG)

  1. Advanced training course – 1 academic year
  2. specialized PG training in Medicine (clinical Ordinator) – 2 to 5 academic years
  3. pure post-graduate studies, leading to Ph.D., M.D. Degree – 4 academic years

         NOTE: Each academic year has 2 semesters.

Foreigners can join to universities for accredited educational programs twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (from 12.07.xxxx to 01.11.xxxx and from 01.02.xxxx to 01.03.xxxx respectively for medical faculty applicants with English language as medium of instruction) to obtain a master’s qualification – according to the results of evaluation of the documents submitted and the interview.

Note: Students are allotted admission based on availability and on a first come first serve basis.

Studies at the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and the Preparatory Department start from the 1st of September.

Generally, students are divided by Group Wise in each group 10 – 12 students are allotted, one teacher is allotted to teach for each and every group.

Russia and Ukraine are ensuring a certain standard of education control over quality and advisory councils for supervision. They have high standard of education in low cost and teachers here are highly qualified. You will have a daily based exam for each and every day class followed by module exam and then followed by main exam.

(It’s like our Unit-test, Quarterly, Half yearly (or Mid), Annual (or semester) examinations)

YES, ZEAL OVERSEAS CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED (WE) supervises the process of studying and receives the information on the student’s academic progress on a regular basis. The representatives speak to the professors about the behavior and progress of the students. The received information is sent by the representatives to your parents. You will be given a local sim card by our local representatives after you reach the university. Calls from Ukraine to all over world is approx. 0,01-0,05$/min. High speed Internet / Wi-Fi is available in all Hostel rooms, approx. 5-10$/month.

No. you can’t work legally there when you are studying there as you don’t have a proper work permit visa; it is possible to work only when you get the work permit visa.  yes, your parents can send you money to your international debit or credit card, you can get the money from any ATM or local bank’s in local currency or in USD.

 NOTE: it’s recommended to carry one or two of your own international debit or credit card with you.   

You can pay the amount directly to university account or you can pay it to us.

You can pay the amount in United States Dollar -USD or in local currency Ukrainian Hryvnia – UAH for Ukraine, Russian Ruble – RUB for Russian students.

Yes, you can pay the fee in 2 installments.

NOTE: – Tuition fee are to be paid in full for the 1st year only.

No, donation is not required to pay to university or us.

Yes, the university are eligible to acquire education loan and the university accept all education loan Cheque/DD (Demand Draft payment).

ZEAL OVERSEAS CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED (WE) takes care of all the requirements of documents for admission processing, visa processing and flight ticket.

NOTE: your visa will be regularly extended by university after you get enrolled to university, it’s prolonged till you complete your study.  

The academic year beginning on 1st of September and consists of two semesters. All the students can go on holidays between two terms: the first semester (September – January) the second one (February – June). Summer holidays (June – August) last for three months on average. You can go home in summer holidays. We can help you with your flight ticket.

Yes, you can travel to other countries

Yes, your parents can come and meet you when they need. ZEAL OVERSEAS CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED (WE) can takes care of all the documents requirements for visa processing and flight ticket.

 ZEAL OVERSEAS CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED (WE), representatives will take care of you and your enrolling process to university. yes, our representatives will travel with you for the first time.

YES, ZEALS CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED. Is registered under the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013). The Corporate Identity Number of the company is U97000AP2020PTC114596.

For more information, you may call or Whatsapp us on +91 8555 976 227 / +91 7338 471 358 / +91 9573 973 738 / +91 8572 29 66 44

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