Russia is among the most affordable and popular destinations in the world for international medical students from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. As a response to international medical student demand, most of the Russian medical Universities have introduced English programs of medical studies (MBBS, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.). Russian universities offer outstanding services to foreign students so that they can enroll themselves without any hassles. Besides this, you can save a considerable amount of money of you pursuing the MBBS courses from Russia.

Russian Medical University tuition fees are lower in comparison with those in other countries, and the standards of training are at a very good level and constantly approved. This makes Russian medical universities more attractive to international medical students and very competitive among international medical Universities. Russian medical universities have been and remain one of those leading institutions in Medical studies. The books and textbooks issued in Russian medical schools have been translated into dozens of languages. Russian degrees have gained global recognition and topped UNESCO and WHO ratings.

Russia is, fortunately a place where we can pursue our dream of education in medical stream. Russia has been #1 choice for Indian students for MBBS for many decades. There are many reasons why Russia is the top destination for Indian students to pursue MBBS.

The fee in Russian universities is very low compared to the other countries. In Russia, some of the best medical universities have a fee that is one-fifth of an average Indian medical institution. A low fee also attracts Indians to go to Russia and study MBBS. Living cost is very low. Russia is not an expensive country, and living there doesn’t require a lot of money.

  • India and Russia have very strong cultural and economic connections.
  • Russian universities provide high-quality education
  • Russian medical universities focus on practical practice which is very important for medical students
  • Universities have very talented and experienced professors and teachers.
  • Most of the medical universities in Russia are recognized by WHO, USMLE, PLAB, MCI and other major medical councils in the world.
  • Affordable fee for MBBS program
  • European lifestyle
  • Study in English medium
  • Every year thousands of Indian students go to study MBBS in Russia
  • All universities of Russia are government universities
  • Indian food or self-cooking facility is available in most of the universities
  • The reputation of degree awarded by Russian universities is very good and high worldwide
  • Students who get back or cannot pass in any of examination get to reappear in it within one month which saves their year
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